Monday, January 21, 2008

A Day At My Best Buddy's House

I went to Ben's house today. For those of you who don't know him, he is my best buddy. Upon my arrival, he kindly greeted me with a warm smile. We started off with our Literature project. After Ben had downloaded the Windows Movie Maker, we went to and found a poem and some pictures about war. He added the pictures to the Movie Maker and made a slideshow while I typed the words and added the song. We found some funny pictures that made us laugh our heads off including a cat holding a sniper. The cat was so cute! After that, I played Tekken Dark Resurrection. I used Jack-5 and defeated George, who was also there, who used Armored King. I owned! Unfortunately, the tides started to turn as he went on to defeat me 4 times before I won him again. When it was about time for me to leave (George already left), we were bored so we used our hand phone, which coincidently are the same model, to make a phone manga using sketch effect and taking multiple shots consecutively, creating a 'video' when going through the pictures quickly. When we went to the basketball court, we were shocked. There was no net! Anyway, we faked a ‘video’ of us doing superb moves and stylish shots. Well, all I can think now is that the new concert band members are coming on Tuesday! Haha, 1 more year and I will become the section leader. The juniors will then know my wrath! I will give them 100 push ups every practice.Muahahahaha! 1 MORE YEAR! HAHAHAHAHA!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Basketball Showdown

I was looking forward to today, not because I was suddenly interested in studying, but due to the fact that this was another day where during recess, my class was going to have a basketball showdown. I came to school as per normal and when the recess bell rang; I was suddenly as energetic as a baboon. In a blink of an eye, I was in my PE attire and I ran as fast as my leg could carry me towards the basketball court. In a moment, the match had started. I was assigned the role of small forward but as nobody was willing to defend, I went to guard the net. On several occasions, the opposing team broke through but I took them on and won the ball, scoring a total of 4 blocks and 3 snatches and 4 successful shots. I was proud of myself, scoring and defending at the same time. In the final moment, I took the ball and charged towards the hoop, did a lay up and scored the final finishing touch. Praise God that I perform up to my own expectations finally. I hope that in future, I will still be as good as I am today.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bad Day!

Today was a painful day for me. My mouth and head took a few painful hits that are sore even while I am typing this entry now. When the SBS Bus arrived at the bus stop just outside Victoria School side gate this morning, my head smacked against the bus ceiling while I was attempting to stand, a bruise gradually appearing. That was not the end of my unlucky streak, unfortunately. During recess, I went to play basketball. My friend tried to shoot the basketball but right before he jumped to take the shot, someone pushed me in front and my head went directly above my friends shoulder. My friend jumped and his shoulder hit my lower jaw. Man! I felt an excruciating pain in my lower tooth. Thankfully, my teeth did not drop, except for the fact that it slanted a bit. After school, I had sectional starting at 2pm. At about 3pm, we had a short break. My secondary 3 senior pulled my tuba towards him, maybe because he was bored and wanted to do something childish. In my attempt to retrieve my tuba, my senior suddenly released it and the mouthpiece hit my teeth. Once again, I thanked God that my teeth did not drop while dealing with the acute pain. I had had enough of it! After sectional was over, I “flew” out of school, leaving my bad streak of incidents behind. Thursdays sure are unpleasant!

(This was posted on 17 Jan 08.Due to writing excess words, I edited it and so the date is stated 18 Jan 08)